ADARSH SHINDE | आदर्श शिंदे | SINGER

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 आदर्श शिंदे | ADARSH SHINDE | SINGER

Born 7 March 1988
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Genres playback singing
Occupation(s) singer

मराठी व इंग्लिश

Early life

Adarsh Shinde has come from a prosperous family of singers. His father, Anand Shinde, and grandfather, Prahlad Shinde, were also singers. Shinde started learning about singing at the age of ten. He has taken lessons in classical music from Suresh Wadkar. The Shinde family is influenced by B. R. Ambedkar and follows Buddhism. He married Neha Lele on 27 May 2015, with a Buddhist marriage in Mumbai.


Adarsh Shinde is a notable Ambedkarite singer, he has sung many songs on B. R. Ambedkar and Buddhism. He started his career by singing for an album with his father and uncle Milind Shinde. He appeared on the television reality show “Let It Go!”

In the year 2014, the Shinde family sang together for the film Priyatma. The first such incident of three generations in the Marathi film industry. Bhimraya Majha Bhimraya is the title song of the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar series composed by Adarsh Shinde and his brother Utkarsh Shinde, while sung by Adarsh Shinde.

Adarsh Shinde has sung more than 1500 songs in both Marathi and Hindi languages.

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